The Skurra

The Skurra are enigmatic even for the carnival. They are clearly of the same race though there is no way to identify what strange race it is. They are marked by their lithe. agile forms and overlong pointed ears. Their skin ranges in color from bubblegum pink to pearly white, and their hair comes in an even more varied coloration.

Unlike The Troopers whose main job is to perform, the Skurra have no set tasks. They serve as floating assistance and security. They prowl the midway performing as they see fit, take over running the attractions while The Troopers perform on the main stage, and keep the guests from wandering too far afield while at the carnival. If there is a need at Skurra is always at hand.

The Skurra seem to share a vardo, but never seem to sleep much. There is always one ore more of them milling about the grounds.

The Skurra:

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The Skurra

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